Starck & Partners

Art of Communication

Starck & Partners is a boutique management consultancy, which specialises in communication. It is our mission to support and inspire clear, authentic communication. We work together with partners in the fields of communication, media, production, law, education, business and politics.


We advise company directors, board members, communication officers, executives, officials and individuals on all areas that have an influence on their communication. Your aims are many but you have one aim in common: clear, authentic and credible communication. We are here to help you achieve that aim. Internally and externally. With a clear strategy. For all your stakeholders. On all channels. And in all situations.


Our training sessions are designed to help you communicate convincingly. Exploring and improving the different aspects of voice, articulation, body language and storytelling will allow you to develop your own personal presentation style and to deliver your message with rhetorical flair.

Practical exercises are interspersed with theroretical input, video-feedback and individual coaching. Your training session is tailored to suit your needs, preparing you for presentations, speeches, road-shows, town halls or sales pitches.

Personal Branding

Most people will agree: our personality is the key to the way we communicate. By gaining a deeper understanding of the many facets of our personality, we enter a conscious process, which allows us to develop and fine-tune the way these aspects come together in our communication.

Our offer includes:

  • Personal Branding Workshops
  • Personal Branding Coaching