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What it’s all about

We explore aspects of your personality and see how – together with rhetorical techniques – they combine within your own Personal Brand to help you develop authentic and persuasive presentation skills.

Whether we are aware of it or not, our personality is our key success factor. In our personal branding seminars we work with the principles of branding to chart the various characteristics and attributes that make you unique. Interacting with others you learn how others see you and reflect on how this may differ from your own view. With targeted filmed exercises we discover what your verbal expression and body language betray about your personality and look at ways of integrating these insights in your communication.

Training Contents

  • Theoretical Input: What is Personal Branding?
  • Defining your strengths and weaknesses to find out what makes you unique (USP).
  • Working on your own Personal Brand
  • linking your personal vision with the goals of your professional function.
  • Ongoing practical video-taped exercises together with tips for convincing messaging and storytelling.
  • Personal feedback und coaching.