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What it’s all about

Presenting to the media follows its own set of rules. Our media training sessions prepare you to give a convincing interview and to work effectively with the media. With filmed sequences, you will develop your argumentation and practice your interview technique, based on a variety of scenarios. Offering tips for authentic body language and coaching to build on your presentation skills, our training sessions are tailored to suit your needs, preparing you for interviews, media statements, corporate videos and more.

In today’s fast-moving media world it is essential to have a media strategy. Advice on knowing when to speak to which type of medium, setting goals for various media platforms and ensuring that you maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with media and journalists all form an important part of our training.

Our trainings are tailored to suit our client’s individual needs. Groups of 1-7 participants will be trained by one trainer. Larger groups require additional trainers to enable maximum participation in practical exercises.

Training Contents

  • Rudiments of communication
  • Tips for dealing with the media
  • Structuring your argumentation using the pyramid principle
  • Answering nasty questions convincingly
  • Mastering the three levels of communication – messages, body language, voice and syntax
  • Engaging your personality and the art of storytelling