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What it‘s all about

We support organisations in their crisis preparedness by conducting tailor-made crisis workshops, trainings, scenario-plays and crisis simulations.

In our training sessions we can prepare you for the potential escalation of a crisis, enabling you to gain insights into possible handling strategies and argumentation for the likely crisis scenarios that keep you awake at night.

The phases of the crisis are staged for maximum effect and „real-life“ practical experience and include media interviews, stakeholder announcements and collaboration in the crisis team. Feedback from our professional coaches and crisis experts allow for a group training experience which optimally prepares them for effective crisis management

Training Contents

  • Crisis procedures and tools
  • Roles and responsibilities in a crisis
  • Why crisis preparedness?
  • The role of communication, media and social media in a crisis
  • Crisis scenarios and escalation
  • How to give an effective media interview in a crisis
  • Practical exercises with feedback from an experienced crisis coach