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We advise company directors, board members, communication officers, executives, officials and individuals on all aspects of their communication. Your aims are many but you have one aim in common: Effective communication. We are here to help you achieve that aim. Internally and externally. With a clear strategy. For all your stakeholders. On all channels. And in all situations.

We evaluate the overall impact of your current communication and make recommendations that will help achieve your goals.

Communicating without a clear strategy is like travelling without a map. We help our clients to define a communication strategy that is designed to both support the organisation’s mission and to meet clearly defined objectives.

In today’s multi-channel world, everyone can be a thought leader. For leading executives however, it has become a key success factor. Several of our clients have become leading ambassadors for important global issues in the areas of education, sustainability and diversity. We help you to define a thought leadership plan and support you to ensure that you capture the opportunities as your program unfolds.

Managing the many channels of communication is one of the biggest challenges of organisations today. We help you ensure that your communication is in line with your strategy, identifying effective ways to make the biggest impact. An open dialogue with important stakeholders forms the basis for targeted communication.

Without a consolidated commitment to the United Nations Sustainability goals on the part of global leaders, life on this planet will cease to exist. Thus an organisation’s sustainability strategy should be strongly interwoven with its mission and purpose. We support corporations and institutions in a variety of ways: establishing a sustainability strategy, measuring the impact of initiatives in the areas of environmental, societal or economic sustainability, consolidating priorities for effective sustainability reporting and engaging in thought leadership.

Starck Public Relations is a member of the Crisis Protection Network ( Our consulting work encompasses the following disciplines:

  • Crisis Preparedness
  • Crisis Management
  • Crisis Communication
  • Litigation-PR